About our Team

The Lux Coin Company is a group of experts from Wealth Solutions, with many years of experience in creating unique products for collectors and luxury goods around the world.

The achievements of our team which are rare editions of alcoholic beverages have been co-created with Scottish distilleries and French cognac houses. The result of this cooperation is the bottling of some of the oldest whiskey and cognacs especially for our customers. We also have the original Spirit Watches project on our account – limited editions of Swiss watches, which were created in cooperation with leading manufacturers. These are the first luxury watches in the world with drops of unique spirits.

Our team is the originator of the Spirit Coins series – a project in which, for the first time in history, capsules with the oldest spirits in the world become the heart of gold collector coins. All drinks in response to the products come from the Wealth Solutions collections.



25 000 publications

on our team’s innovative products worldwide

2 x Guinness World Record

in the categories: world’s oldest cognac sold at an auction and world’s oldest rum sold at an auction

Spirit Watches

original editions of Swiss watches with drops of the oldest vintage liquors in the world: Cognac Watch (partnership with Armin Strom), Rum Watch (partnership with Speake-Marin), Whisky Watch (partnership with Louis Moinet)


The Mint of Poland has been cooperating with Lux Coin since 2017. Together, we have created unique and innovative collector coins. These include beautiful, gold numismatic items that hide drops of the world’s oldest beverages: Rum Coin with a drop of Harewood Rum 1780 and Cognac Coin with a drop of Gautier cognac from 1762. Working on works requiring art, small works of art requiring unconventional ones, but the effects turned out to be spectacular. It was a satisfaction for both sides. The experience of the Lux Coin team on the luxury goods market, experience with the competences of the employees of the Mint of Poland, gives the opportunity to implement unique ideas. We have the potential to create bold projects that gain recognition in the country and in the forum. We are looking forward to further cooperation.

Grzegorz Zambrzycki
Chairman of the Board
Mennica Polska S.A.

The Perth Mint has been creating limited edition precious metal coins for over 30 years. While working on Whiskey Coin, for the first time we faced the challenge of creating a coin with alcohol or any other liquid. It is a true luxury collector’s item that  certainly has a unique charm. The combination of a unique drink and a precious metal such as gold in one item gives  this coin a high collector’s value from day one. And this value will persist in the future.

Richard Hayes
General Director
Perth Mint

Schoeller Münzhandel has been cooperating with Lux Coin for 3 years. We met for the first time a few years ago during the “World Money Fair” in Berlin. After a few talks, we established a cooperation that continues to this day. The Spirit Coins series created by the Lux Coin team is a one-of-a-kind concept. Innovative in this industry. We are looking forward to new coin creations from Lux Coin.

Gernot Maier
Schoeller Münzhandel

I think the idea is sensational and the coins are worth every penny!

Client from Germany


Already sent receipt acknowledgement of coin to the network.

Client from Taiwan