Spirit Coins

An elusive spirit of the old days being enchanted in a precious metal. Does it not sound like a fairy tale? Actually, it is a tangible object!
The centuries-old alcoholic beverages have been hidden in an edition of collectable gold coins.
The Spirit Coins are the 3 unique collector’s items: Whisky Coin, Rum Coin, and Cognac Coin.

“Spirit coins”

Gold coins from the Spirit Coins series contain drops of the oldest liquors in the world – whisky, rum and cognac. These centuries-old spirits take us on a journey to the past centuries. These are real time capsules that have become hearts of this unique edition of coins.


The Lux Coin company is a group of experts from Wealth Solutions with years of experience in creating unique products for collectors and enthusiasts of luxury goods all over the world. This team stands behind the idea of the collectible edition of Spirit Coins.